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Who are the players on the market?

Sibelga is in charge of the management of the total distribution network for electricity and natural gas in the Brussels-Capital Region (i.e. construction, maintenance, metre reading,…). Suppliers all use Sibelga’s network, and their customers are all connected to it. Suppliers bill you for the energy you use. The suppliers draw up their energy prices on the basis of different elements: energy cost, rate for use of the networks, taxes and public surcharges. The default electricity and gas supplier in Brussels is Electrabel. Customers who did not decide to change supplier since the liberalisation of the market are still supplied by Electrabel. Only work on your connections and metres will be invoiced directly by Sibelga.

Given that Brussels is a very international city, Sibelga has developed an English version of its website so as to provide tips and advice for the capital’s large expatriate community. 

A very good trilingual site which will give you the answers to all your questions of energy in Brussels.

EAN code

This 18-figure code identifies a connection and a supply point per type of energy (electricity or natural gas). It remains permanently linked to the supply point located at a specific address. It must be given in all your contacts with your supplier and for all work undertaken by Sibelga relating to your metres. If you don’t have the EAN code or codes of your residence : call Sibelga 02 549 41 00 or

The metre

Sibelga is responsible for installing, repairing, moving, opening or closing metres. Metres will be read  by Sibelga. Metres are read by Sibelga annually for household customers and most businesses, and each time a customer changes supplier.

The bill

Estimated electricity bills are sent out monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly depending on the chosen supplier. Annual metre readings are carried out automatically by Sibelga and the bill is then readjusted in line with the consumption. A metre-reading calendar is available on Sibelga’s website. If you are out when the metre reader calls, you will receive a letter from Sibelga asking you to report your metre readings by telephone or online. If you do not provide the metre readings before the 20th of the month following the reception of the letter, the metre readings will be estimated. This estimate is made on the basis of the consumption data recorded over the previous years. The metre readings obtained or estimated are sent to your energy supplier so that your energy bill can be readjusted.

Moving in

Once a supplier has been chosen : If the meters are open, transfer documents should be filled in by both the owner or outgoing occupant and the new occupant, even if a new supplier has been chosen. These documents (the IN form and the OUT form) can be downloaded from Sibelga’s website. In many cases, they may also be filled in online on the suppliers’ websites.

The supplier should be contacted for details on the procedure. If the meters are closed, the new occupant should obtain the EAN code of each gas and electricity supply point and pass them on to the supplier of his choice, and wait to receive the go-ahead or « green light » from the supplier to contact Sibelga. Once the green light has been given, the new occupant should:

Contact Sibelga Customer reception on 02/549.41.00 to arrange a date when a technician can come and open the meters. An adult must be present to give the technician access to the meters and the housing unit.

You are moving out

To have meters closed, contact Sibelga on 02 549 41 00. You can also opt to hand over directly to the owner or tenant moving into the building. The changeover form will be provided and processed by the new customer’s supplier. We would advise you to keep a copy of the form. You can also download the forms on this website.

An application is available on this website in the three languages. It helps people better understand and control their consumption of gas, electricity, water, heating oil, etc… In practical terms, you simply encode your meter reading and certain parameters, totally anonymously. So from your computer, your smartphone or your tablet, you can measure your energy consumption.

Good to know

About to move to Brussels or already living here? Before you do anything about your gas or electricity, visit, the website of the Brussels Region energy regulator.
 Download the brochure “Moving”, designed for you and available in English.

Brochure in English

Moving in or out of Brussels? Don’t forget for your metre readings to fill in the official form available online.

Official form

Brugel’s new price comparison tool ( allows you to find the best offer available according to your client profile. Visit the site regularly and start saving on your energy bills!

Good to know

Home Maintenance

Look after your boiler : from 7,00 € to 19,41 € each month, your gas provider can maintain your installation. Every two years, they fix an appointment to suit you.

Call Energy Line :

T 078 35 33 34 or surf on 

Study attentively the offers of the suppliers, you have a choice of many tariffs (day/night – fixed/variable…)

Good to know

There are various types of tariffs adapted to your personal consumption. VAT has to be added to all the basic rates: 21 % for gas and elewctricity, 6% for water. The water, gas and electricity meters are read only once a year, and your bill is readjusted annually in line with your consumption. Your first bills will correspond to estimates based on the consumption of the previous occupant. Be aware that the readjustments may be sizeable if their family profile was very different to yours! The suppliers listed do not handle repairs or maintenance: it is up to you to quickly find a plumber and an electrician. If you have problems with your drains, call municipality/commune: an efficient service can help you. Electricity in Belgium : 220 Volts, 50 cycles. Belgium uses the standard European two-pin plug and socket.

See the website:

This video gives you access to all useful information in order to be sure not to have forgotten anything during your move (subtitled in 9 languages).


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