Mobile telephony

There are four major mobile operators in Belgium: Proximus, Base, Mobistar, Telener. Each company offers a range of services and packages, and it is always recommended to compare tariffs and conditions carefully before entering into a contract. All the other “providers” buy into one of the “networks”, and resell their services. You will always find a Proximus, Mobistar or BASE sales point a few blocks away from your house. In order to obtain a mobile phone contract, go to the relevant shop and provide:

All three operators propose monthly subscriptions or prepaid cards.

Apart from the usual operators: Carrefour, Colruyt, Aldi, bPost, Mobile Viking.. and many others offer pre-paid cards. You will find them in the supermarkets and newspaper shops, and in the post offices.

From now on, operators are obliged to connect each SIM card of the country with an identity.

Good to know

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The travelling cost, or « roaming », will be cancelled, if all goes well, from June 15, 2017. It applies to all extra costs invoiced for calls, the sending of SMSs or the use of mobile internet abroad within the EU, on phones or tablets. Meanwhile, there are fixed rates which enables you to use your telephone abroad at “reduced” prices, according to the operators. 

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