Moving in

Moving in successfully!

  1. All your belongings are insured for their replacement value.
  2. The water and electricity are on.
  3. Show the removal team around the whole house first; you may even want to put signs on each door with the name of the room in a language which is understood by the team (English is spoken in most removal companies).
  4. The removal team comprises no more than 4 people. If there are more you will find it difficult to cope.
  5. Take the time to explain exactly what you want.
  6. Plan to have your children looked after.
  7. Provide something to eat and drink. If you offer a drink to the members of the team this will be much appreciated.
  8. Make sure that EVERYTHING is unpacked and that crates, boxes and paper are cleared away before the removal men leave.
  9. Make a note of any damage, ask for the team leader’s signature and do not sign the removal receipt without adding in front of your signature the following words: ‘sous réserve de vérification de perte ou de dégâts’ (subject to checking for loss or damage).
  10. Don’t forget a tip.

In order to avoid complications, call a mover who has experience in international moves.

Good to know

A small tip :
Don’t forget to reserve parking space in front of your future home for the removal van. This should be done a few days in advance via your Municipality (maison communale)

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