In general, the purchase is carried out in two stages :

  1. The signature of a provisional sales agreement ("compromis de vente") and payment from a fixed deposit account as agreed between the two parties. Be careful, apart from the eventual restrictions specifically mentioned, it represents a final commitment on the part of the seller AND of the buyer,
  2. notorial act which must be passed with a maximum delay of four months after the provisional sales agreement. In addition you must pay: - registration fees (12.5% of the purchase price in the Brussels' region) - notary costs which are subject to 21% TVA.

As soon as you are the owner of a property, you must pay a tax called "precompte immobilier" (property tax).

The amount of the tax depends on the location of the property and the composition of your household. (for example, a reduction according to the number of children…)

Don't forget to ask your notary for the legislation regarding succession and donation-it is certainly different from that in your country.

Please note that the ‘Notaires Federation’ will answer most queries about their various functions free of charge : purchase, loans, marriage, death, etc.

02 505 08 11

Good to know

Watch out for the promise to buy: it irrevocably binds you to buy the property, but it is not binding upon the vendor. So be careful and don’t take it for granted that the deal is done.

Good to know

in Belgium, « for sale » (« te koop » in nl, « à ven- dre » in fr) or « for rent » signs are placed either by the agent in front of the house, or by the owner on a window. the sign is black with orange letters.

NEW : Property Valuation Service online

A user friendly website.

Immoprice is a property valuation service (sale and rental) wich acts for owners of residential portofolios and individual apartments/houses alike.

The system works via what Immoprice calls the AVM, or Automated Valuation Model. This takes over a thousand location parameters into account within the area currently covered (Brussels&Brabant, Anvers, Liège, Namur).

Added to these parameters are details of the property in question : the condition of various elements such as type of property, number of rooms, general state of the property, roof, windows, electricity, land …

The information gathered within all these parameters then leads to a valuation calculation based on market data, not just an abstract calculation.

For an individual apartment, all of the data can be entered onto the system in a matter of minutes, and the valuation comes instantly at the end of the process.

The advantage to the client (or owner) is that the valuation is extremely rapid, independent and with a logical and market-based approach.



PEB certificate

The PEB certificate is what one can call « an energy score ». It is required for each property.

The law requires a PEB certificate when you put your property up for sale, or for rent.

The energy experts are responsible for the inspection leading up to the implementation of a PEB certificate.

Therefore, it is important to have a good score and to contact a certifying authority. The price for the inspection depends on the type of property: for a studio you’ll pay on average between 120-250 Euros for an inspection leading to the issuance of the PEB.

The PEB certificate is valid for 10 years.

The PEB authority inspects the property from top to bottom…everything is inspected.

The score shown on the PEB gives the buyer or tenant an idea of the cost of energy of the property.

It also gives an overview of the investment which must be made in order to reduce the cost of energy.

In your sales or rental ad, the PEB results are obligatory. Thus, the potential tenants or buyers immediately see the score.

Where to find an approved certifiying body ?

Expats in Brussels suggests

Michel de Crane
Expert agréé IBGE
0476 45 07 96 (FR/EN/NL)


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