Relocation agencies

The use of the services of a relocation agency when you arrive in a country, wherever you go, is of immense assistance and you will avoid stress and a waste of time, and you will be able to immediately benefit from good connections. The quality of your installation and the rapidity of your integration will be the first beneficiaries.

Here is how they are organised:

Relocation agencies come to help individuals or family units so that their first few days in Belgium are the most pleasant. It is equally necessary that the employees who are in the process of moving are immediately at work in the case of a professional “relocation”. They take care of many tasks such as : house viewing, reviewing of rental agreements, subscriptions to services, registration with the municipality, work permit, car importing, school registration, contact with the removal company …. And all final details. All is possible.

These agencies work preferably independently of any property interest, and will guide you in your move, even before you arrive in Belgium.The quality of the service they offer does not depend on the size of the agency. Some of the agencies mentioned below are run by only one person, others have a few dozen employees. Your choice should depend on the kind of service which best suits you. The larger agencies also provide expats’ administration management or business set up services.

Whether it is for renting or for buying, we strongly recommend that you use a professional intermediary. They are perfectly aware of the legislation in our country. It will avoid eventual litigations and the risk, later on, of incurring unexpected expenses. In the event of a dispute you will need to refer to a magistrate “le Juge de Paix”.


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