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Proximus (formerly Belgacom)

Shops, distributors and online subscription
T 0800 55 313 (EN)
T 0800 33 800 (FR) 
T 0800 22 800 (NL) (FR/EN/NL/DE)


Shop : Online subscription and distributors
Rue Alsace Lorraine, 28 1050 Bruxelles
T 0800 800 25 (FR/NL/EN/DE) (FR/NL/EN/DE)



Shop. Online subscription and distributors
Rue des Deux Eglises, 26 1000 Bruxelles
T 02 226 52 00 (FR/NL/EN) 
(Brochure FR/NL/EN)


Shops and distributors:
T 0800 668 01 (FR/NL) (EN/FR/NL)


Online subscription:
T 0800 84 000 (FR/NL) (FR/NL)

Good to Know

Home alarm services can only be connected to land line telephones (only Proximus).

Any customer who is unhappy with his telecom operator may ask for free assistance from the mediation service. (FR/NL/DE/EN)


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