REQUIRED in Belgium?

Which insurance is strongly recommended ?

Insurance guarantees you the ability to face the financial consequences of a certain number of difficulties which happen in life. It is therefore important to be very well informed.

The broker

To help you, he will search for the insurance best suited to your particular needs. He will advise you and help you in the event of an accident. He will represent you and deal with the big insurance companies on your behalf. In general, you can set up an appointment with the broker at home.

It is highly advised to use the services of an insurance broker.

Find a broker around you

Some banks also offer insurance services and products.

But also :
AG :
Allianz :
Baloise :
Corona :
Ethias :


Household insurance


Try to take your household insurance with the same insurance company as your landlord or you can even ask your landlord to take out the insurance for you by including a clause in his policy to abandon any subrogation as this will be cheaper and simplify life for both in case of a claim. The tenant will have to take insurance only for his contents and theft.

The Ombudsman suggests solutions for disputes between consumers and the insurance companies or an intermediary. (FR/NL)


Private Public liability Insurance

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance


In Belgium, sickness insurance is compulsory for employees and for the self-employed alike, and part of the legal requirement is to belong to the social security scheme.

The insurance companies offer supplementary cover packages

Hospitalisation insurance 

Covers the costs over and above the reimbursements made by the mutual association, including the cost of a single room.

Individual accident insurance 

Lump sum (amount chosen by the insured person) in the event of an accident. Covers death and/or permanent invalidity and/or temporary incapacity and/or medical expenses.

Car insurance

The no-claims bonus system (whereby the insurance premium increases or decreases depending on the accidents you have had in the past) was reviewed during 2003. Each insurance company will use its own evaluation system.

Civil Liability – Motor

This cover is obligatory and covers damage caused to third parties including passengers and except the driver in cases where you are liable. To get the best rates, don’t forget to ask your previous insurance company to give you a no-claims certificate. Belgian insurers will honour it.


This Omnium is optional and may be partial or total. The total ‘omnium’ covers material damage to the insured vehicle, whether or not the driver was in the wrong. It also covers theft, fire, broken windows and damage caused by the forces of nature, or hitting animals.

The partial ‘omnium’, known as mini-omnium or partial casco, covers only theft, fire, broken windows and damage caused by the forces of nature. In both cases, the fact of not having caused an accident over the previous years (approximately 5 years) will have a very positive influence on the amount of the premiums.

Legal Defence

Not compulsory, but recommended. Covers lawyers’ fees and court costs in Belgium and abroad in the event of liability being disputed (this is becoming more and more common among individuals and insurance companies).

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