Dana Gillespie & the London Blues band (with vintage after party)

Posted on 03.11.2022

Come admire Dana Gillespie for the world premiere of her 73th album "Live in the Temple of Arts and Music" together with the A-team of The London Blues band.
Expect ecstatic sax and piano solo's, besides Dana's beautiful voice and personality.
The concert flows into a vintage after party with twist, swing and lindy hop dancing on a decent wood floor.
Meanwhile the BBA bar features true artisans, award winning brewers and vintage beers on-tap, and serves VIP tables with top class fingerfood besides mocktails, cocktails and specials.
Doors 18:00
Closing at 05:00 - Friday is a day-off!
Our first in a series of BBA music events co-hosted with our friends from the 'Temple of Arts and Music' in London.
A memorable night approaches!

Contact : https://www.facebook.com/events/1516313645498955

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