Posted on 28.01.2022

Fairyfail is an improvised theater show. Bring your friends and family to watch a fairytale being made up on the spot !

Anything ever after…
From a romantic wedding to a successful business merger, the ending of a fairytale should always be happily ever after. Or should it ? The improvisers on stage will do everything in their power to bring you a beautiful, positive and happy fairytale. The audience however has the power to bring destruction, monsters, doom, or any other hazard on their path. Fairytale or Fairyfail ? It’s up to you.

Dates :
Sunday 30.01.2022 at 20:30
Sunday 13.02.2022 at 20:30
Sunday 24.04.2022 at 20:30
Sunday 15.05.2022 at 20:30

Location :
Théâtre l'Improviste 120 Rue de Fierlant, 1190 Brussels

Contact : info@improviste.be

Website : www.improviste.be/Fairyfail.html