04>08/03 - FlopCamp Carnival 2019

Posted on 21.01.2019

FlopCamps are entrepreneurial games where kids aged 12 to 16, motivated to succeed, will team up to experiment with and experience the phases of start-up creation, from ideation to prototyping, from testing to business modelling and pitching.
But remember… in the entrepreneurial game, flops are the norm, not the exception!
Will you masterfully succeed or, more likely, gracefully fail?

This FlopCamp edition is sponsored by the Brussels Region and by the ICAB Business and Technology Incubator. It will be held within the premises of the ICAB incubator from 4 to 8 March. During the five-day program, participants will experience the phases of creation of a start-up, from ideation to market testing and fabrication.

Don’t forget to use the promotional code BONREGIONBRUXELLES while registering to obtain a 50% discount!

Languages: English and French

Contact : giordano@flopacademy.com

Website : www.flopacademy.com/en/flopcamp-carnaval-2019-sponsored-edition