☼ Gin Jeudi / l'Afterwork le + International de Bxl ☼ La Terrasse O2 ☼ Free Entrance

Posted on 10.07.2021

This Thursday 15.07
Gin Jeudi Summere Vibes @ La Terrasse O2
+ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/events/346086663755857

+ FREE TICKETS / https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gin-jeudi-summer-vibes-la-terrasse-o2-tickets-162786921063

Spread the word, bring your friends and join the fun and soak up the sun! Quench your thirst with impressive gin tonic combinations, refreshing drinks and indulge your palate finger-food delicacies... Unwind to the DJ's beats in a vibrant atmosphere that will imbibe your spirit. What a better way to ease you through the end of the week, right?
Dress code: Chic
FREE ENTRANCE from 5pm onwards, get your tickets on Eventbrite.
questions: info@socosmo.com
You're sexier without a car: Gin Jeudi & La Terrasse O2 highly recommend using the following alternative transports: UBER / code promo = LATERRASSE21Please cosult https://www.la-terrasse.be/#1492603372315-067ee6fc-1d15 we count on you!
Dinner booking: online : www.terrasseo2.com

We host covid-safe events and apply sanitary measures protocol with maximum 8 people per table and a distance of 1.5 meters.
Set back & relax and let the good time beGin..

51-53 Chaussée de La Hulpe - 1180 Bruxelles

Contact : info@european-village.eu

Website : www.facebook.com/events/346086663755857