Millenium Festival: International documentary for the pleasure of Brussels' expats

Posted on 07.03.2019

Welcome to Millenium International Documentary Festival, which will take place from March 22nd to March 30th in Brussels !

11 years ago the Millenium Festival was born; a venue for innovative documentaries from all around the world, whose themes are connected to the contemporary development issues and objectives underlined, reflecting humanity's dreams and ambitions for a more fair and sustainable world !

>>> A consciously chosen programme for Brussels' international community:
An officially bilingual event, built as multicultural bridge and faithful to the ambition to facilitate cultural access for Brussels' english speaking community

>>> A large quality selection :
Explore the hidden sides of America with our selection PANORAMA AMERICA, reflect on the impacts of digitalization on our world and society with DIGITAL CITIZENS, visualize climatic emergency with DOCS FOR CLIMATE, enjoy our International Competition or Young vision competition; come and meet, debate, discuss, thrill and laugh to the rythm of the incredible vibrations of documentary cinema.

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