02/04 - Notes on a Murder with Peter Vermeersch

Posted on 05.03.2020

Salon / Thurs 2 April / 6:30 - 8:30 PM

One morning Peter Vermeersch received a letter informing him that he had been randomly selected for jury service. What seemed to be a straightforward case of robbery soon turned out to be a much more complex affair. Before he knew it, Peter found himself in the depths of the Palace of Justice in Brussels, confronting questions about the true circumstances of a murder, having to deal with the rituals of justice and a shy, unrevealing suspect.

What does it feel like to be a victim, or a relative of the victim? What do you truly do to someone by punishing him? And where does this punishment lead? Does it help? Does the convict come out of jail worse than he went in? What is true justice?

Vermeersch is one of the brightest contemporary Belgian public intellectuals. He reflects on violence, on the true value of punishment and justice today, and shares his penetrating insights on what better forms of justice and fairer laws might look like.

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