Ouverture du Palais Royal de Bruxelles 22/07 > 03/09

Posted on 12.07.2018

Fr/ Comme chaque année, le Palais Royal de Bruxelles ouvrira ses portes au public durant l’été pour plusieurs expositions.

En pratique :
- Palais Royal, Place des Palais, 1000 Bruxelles.
- Ouvert du samedi 22 juillet au dimanche 3 septembre 2018, à partir de 10h30, dernière entrée à 15h45 (fermerture à 17h00).
- Fermé le lundi.
- Entrée gratuite.
- Des contrôles de sécurité seront effectués à l’entrée. Il est fortement déconseillé de se présenter muni d’un sac (sac à dos, sac de transport, …).

En/ Welcome to the Royal Palace of Brussels, where Belgium’s head of state has his principal office. It is here that the King works every day together with his staff. It is also where, either in audiences or at work meetings, he receives numerous people in positions of responsibility from the political, social, economic, cultural and military spheres, as well as leading figures from abroad. This, too, is where the Queen has her office and where she receives her guests.

The Royal Palace stands on Coudenberg hill, the former residential site of the Emperor Charles V, his predecessors and successors, the Dukes of Brabant and Burgundy respectively, and the Spanish and Austrian governors. The old palace was destroyed by fire in 1731. In the 1780s, under Austrian rule, four separate mansions were built in an imposing neo-classical style on what is now the Place des Palais. During the reign of William I, King of the Netherlands, the two innermost mansions were linked by a colonnade. King Leopold II gave the Royal Palace its present-day grandiose appearance.

The Royal Palace is open to the public for a few weeks each year during the summer. Visitors may view the state rooms, as well as culture and arts-related initiatives.

Place des Palais / Paleizenplein, 1000 Brussels
From 22 July to 2 September 2018, from 10.30 am onward, except on Mondays. Last entry at 3.45 pm, closes at 5 pm.

Contact : 02 551 20 20

Website : https://www.monarchie.be/fr/patrimoine/le-palais-royal-de-bruxelles/palais-royal-de-bruxelles-ouverture-au-public