Richard Ruben - Mind The Gap

Posted on 13.11.2017

20:30 : Richard Ruben - Mind the gap

After his performance in New-York last year and his first appearance on stage in Los Angles in July ! …Richard Ruben, the number 1 Belgian showman, will be on stage in English at the KOCC for the second time !

Don’t miss this date ! The last one were sold-out !

Here’s a very special show from one of Belgium's most famous stand-up comedians.
He is a triple act ! ( He talks, he sings and doesn’t understand what he is saying in English... )

A frenchy in love with big English speaking Cities.

« Mind the gap » is an incredible performance of a man who has travelled all over the world and shares his impressions about the people he met.

It’s refreshing, clever and very funny !

For you, expats who are living in Brussels, Ruben is sure to make fun of his hometown : Brussels !

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