[Salon] The Commons with Michel Bauwens

Posted on 28.10.2019

The feeling is increasingly widespread – we’re locked in an outdated capitalist system, relying on broken models and theories that seem ill-fitted to our modern age. Is there an alternative to capitalism and big industry as we know it? Michel Bauwens, leading Belgian peer-to-peer theorist, says there is. If we start to look at big industry as simply a choice, rather than a necessity, our whole view of economics can be revolutionised. Bauwens argues that new emerging social, political and economic ecosystems will replace those models of yesteryear and lead economics into a new post-capitalist realm, which will not only fit the current demands of globalisation, but will also be sustainable for all. Join him to learn about the visionary yet real possibilities of the change towards a commons-centric economic system.

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