Stunning Switzerland

Posted on 13.09.2017


Please pre-register now for free and without obligations on . You will then be able to register as the first with an interesting discount. In 2017 we received well over 50 pre-registrations and we expect the trip will be full for 2018.

Did you always want to visit Switzerland? Here is your chance. Join Expat Club on a unique visit to this amazing country. We visit the most beautiful cities, the most scenic regions and the most impressive mountain tops. Lets discover many incredibly beautiful places and learn about the things this Alpine country is famous for. If this would be your first time on an Expat Club, you will be surprised with the diversity of our travellers. We welcome many solo travellers, couples and even a few families on most trips, with ages usually ranging from 25 to 75, but all with an international background.

Global program
We set this trip up in a somewhat flexible way. The reason is that a too rigid schedule with too many fixed program points may be very disadvantageous because bad/cloudy weather conditions may make the “mountain” days not so interesting (no visibility = no fun). Therefore we want to keep some flexibility for what we are doing. However, the below schedule gives a good idea about what you can expect. We do our very best to optimally enjoy our time and to see as many things as possible. CHECK THE PROGRAM HERE>>

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