12/03 - 'The Precariat, a dangerous class?' with Guy Standing

Posted on 05.03.2020

Salon - 12/03/2020 - 6.30pm

About a decade ago Guy Standing popularised a new concept: 'the precariat'. Having now lost any connotation of novelty, it expresses all too well the condition of chronic economic insecurity and the growing anger of the new global social underclass.

Trump supporters and gillets jaunes, Standing says, are just an example of what is bubbling under the surface for this heterogeneous mass class: anxiety, anger, anomie and alienation. He argues that our unfree market system which gives nothing back to society and forges a manipulative populist politics has created the conditions in which frustration and anger boil over.

To cut a long story short, the 20th-century income distribution system allocating income to labour and capital has broken down, irretrievably. What must be done? Come and discuss ideas and solutions with us.

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