19/01 - Theatre: Richard III will not take place (by Matéi Visniec)

Posted on 22.11.2018

Januari 19 at 2:30pm and 7:30pm
Price: 10 euros
Reservations: c.chisogne@ecole-montgomery.be
Meyerhold, a Russian director of the early 20th century and the main character of the play, has received permission to stage Shakespeare's "Richard Iii". Indeed, Shakespeare is not a censored author in this country where the "revolution is striving to create the new man". However, the Commission that supervises the art at the service of the revolution finds that some theatrical signs are confusing, even dangerous. The actors are looking too much for the public's eyes; some accessories must be cleansed from an ideological point of view. It is therefore the artistic approach of the director that is being tackled, and the allusions that this approach could generate.

It is therefore with the greatest pleasure that I invite you to see the 3rd show created in the school and to attend the collaborative work of nearly forty of the Eim ib and Myp students.(International School of Montgomery)

Contact : c.chisogne@ecole-montgomery.be

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