Three Gifts

Posted on 18.03.2022

The Ghost Sheep company is coming to l'Improviste with an improv show that gives YOU the power of guiding the story! Don't miss it !

Three gifts from the audience guide our improv way.
In Three Gifts, power is handed over to the audience in the form of Silence, Secret and Shift. When Silence is called out, the actors on stage must go completely silent, with Secret, one of the characters on stage steps forward and tells a personal secret that the other characters don’t know, inviting the audience to dive deeper into the scene. The gift of Shift leads to a shift in the balance of a scene, be this shift in energy, status, physical, emotional, etc. These gifts provide the audience with improv super-powers to keep the improvisers on their toes !

Where ?
Théâtre l'Improviste
120 Rue de Fierlant, 1190 Forest

When ?
Wednesday 20th of April 2022 at 7pm
Wednesday 4th of May 2022 at 7pm

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