AIKI TERVUREN - Advanced Biomechanics, Internal Body Conditioning & Power Development

Posted on 18.08.2019

From 05/09/2019 – 25/06/2020
Every thursday 20:30 – 22:30

Location: Sporthal Diependal, Lindeboomstraat, 30 Tervuren

Registration & info:

First class free! (The course can be started at any time)

Aiki is the Japanese name for the Internal Power & its usage on which martial arts like Aikido, Taiji, Aikijujutsu, Bagua, many sword and other traditional weaponsystems are built. This is what their warm-up exersises , certain qigong sets, kata and forms were developed for, just like yoga what was in first instance meant to build powerful warriors.

*Dynamic stability
*Optimal coordination of body & mind
*Maximum effect, minimum effort
*Unusual, difficult to stop power and hard to read moves.
*Absorption, deflection and projection of external forces (attacks)
*Less risk of injuries
*Freedom of movement under pressure/stress, independent of techniques & styles

Everybody is welcome after registration by e-mail. Regardless of experience, style, grading etc...

The training itself consists of solo exersises, partner drills with increasing resistance and free martial movement.

Our teachings follow the methods spread by Dan Harden ( and Allen Beebe

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