Psychopedagogist (Primary & secondary school, CEB, dyslexia, autism, learning difficulties, state employees).

Posted on 10.01.2018

I am Nawale, 36 years, a experimented teacher with a qualification in psychopedagogy . (I can speak English, French and Flemish).

My work consists in helping young people of primary and high school. I also do coaching for young adults from UNi. I work on their self-confidence, mental processes but also use methodology. I take into account the story of the child in his family or the disorders from which the child is suffering (dyslexia, autism, high learning potential, attention-deficit disorder). Additionally, it is a question of working on the motivation of my students allowing them to feel unique, loved and valued.

I also do coaching for the state employees who have to attend university classes within the examination's framework of entry level A.

Guaranteed SUCCESS. 25euro/hour.


Contact : 0483455704