Posted on 05.09.2019

Would you like to learn the most efficient way of self defense technique which picks up the best methods from various martial arts?

Tactical Awareness Organization presents you a Combat System which is based on military fight and the most effective techniques of self-defense. One of the parts of the system has been created for military and police units, other part for civilian groups.

You can learn standing and ground fight tactics, defense against single and multiple attackers, armed attackers. Also you can learn how to use different tools, for instance single, double and long stick. In addition to, we have a Fight Team where you can train for different style competitions, for example MMA, Muay Thai, K-1, etc.

You can find more information about the background at:

This system is great for those people who are interested in mixed fight training and want to defend themselves against any critical situation. Also military, police and security personnel welcome by ‘Badge Discount’.

Also we have weekend seminars where you can learn from the Founder or other invited instructors in every month or two month. These seminars’ goal is to learn and practice a section of the techniques much more effectively and in different view. You will be informed by newsletter or on this website.

Minimum age is 16 years old.


Training: From 03 September 2019, every Tuesday and Thursday, 20:00-22:00
Location: Rue Edouard Henrard 11, 1160, Brussels
Price : € 60/month (possible to organize a free session)

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