Stop Smoking in under 4 hours with this evidence based approach.

Posted on 03.08.2018

If you are a smoker (in Brussels and English speakng) and would like to stop smoking the read on:

I approach your smoking problem with a scientific and evidence based approach.

When you force smoke into your body your heart rate drastically increases and this forces your whole nervous system into a compromising situation – turbulence for the next 48 hours. The cigarette rushes you with a two minute fix of dopamine – the feel good chemical in the brain. Here’s the viscious cycle – you reach for a cigarette to give the brain that good feeling to counteract the turbulence however this only resets and increases the turbulence in the nervous system. Those chemicals in a cigarette are smart and have hypnotised you for far too long.

Your smoking hypnotherapy session is not a seminar – people forget information at seminars.

In these evidence based approach to quit smoking hypnosis sessions, I use the most powerful techniques available to ensure you get the best chance to become a non-smoker. I never take a one size fits all approach, instead I use a whole range of techniques to create an enjoyable, unique and bespoke treatment session for you.

No powerpoint presentations of difficult things to remember or write down.

The methods used are individually proven in research studies to be effective ways to stop smoking and are broadly based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Each technique on it’s own could be 100% effective for you—however as one can never tell exactly which approach will click with you – I use several techniques in a powerful combination.

Your personally crafted quit smoking hypnosis session is based on my following principles:

”If I tell you, you’ll forget. If I show you, you may remember. But if I involve and immerse you, you will laugh and understand that you have no option than to smoothly be a happy and healthy non-smoker.”

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