9 & 10/11 - Fervent Ferment

Posted on 15.10.2019

Fervent Ferment
First edition of a unique interplay of various firm processes in an inspiring place:
9 and 10 November Villa Hellebosch

Liesbet Wouters (Santé) and Frank Vyncke (Villa Hellebosch) join forces with Fervent Ferment.
We focus on a small group that we guide along kombucha, sourdough and firm spreads to vegetables with and without starters. Very concrete and with the necessary background information you will be immersed in the different processes for 2 days.

What is planned:
● Some theoretical background on what fermentation is, how best to approach it, why it is so topical (think zero waste, preservation, health,...).
● clear step-by-step plans for the various ferments
● getting started yourself by, among other things
● kneading vegetables
● under salt
● make spreads and sauces
● go through all stages of sourdough bread, from the starter to the food
● enjoying the house, its atmosphere, the environment.

Where and when?
Villa Hellebosch is a characteristic country house situated in the undulating Pajottenland in the middle of a nature reserve that is part of the first quiet area. This place strives to give people the opportunity to relax, create, develop and work together. These pillars will all be endorsed during Fervent Ferment.
start: saturday 9 november 9h30
end: foreseen Sunday 10 November 15h

Price: € 300 pp with min 6, max 10 persons

Overnight stay
2x lunch, 1x breakfast, 1x dinner
refreshments during the breaks
coffee, tea, apple juice from the estate.
Keywords: local, seasonal, honest, vegetarian and ardent ferments.
clear precipitation of all fermentation processes, recipes & inspiration

Registrations: until 31/10/2019 via fermferment@gmail.com
Info: More information: info@sante.one or frank.vyncke@gmail.com
www.sante.one & www.hellebosch.com

Contact : frank.vyncke@gmail.com

Website : www.sante.one