1030 Schaerbeek


Inhabitants : 133.010 (2018)
Surface : 8,14 km2 (2009)
Mayor : Bernard Clerfayt

The municipality is well connected with tram lines, buses and trains (two stations : North Schaerbeek, South Meiser).
The names of the streets (painters, sculpteurs..) and the face of Schaerbeck witness a rich artistic past. The municipality still promotes culture (www.1030culture.be): theatres (140, La Balsamine, Halles de Schaerbeek…) plastic arts (www.art1030.be)...   are proof.
Several beautiful museums are interesting, amongst them being le Musée du Train (Train World).
La Chaussée de Louvain offers big brands and a number of small shops and restaurants of different nationalities.
Each quarter has a department store, offering products adapted to their customers.
Enjoy a pastry at « Van Dender »(Chaussée de Louvain). Take a walk to the market located on la place des Chasseurs Ardennais Friday afternoons (13 to 19h) : you’ll find, on the terrace or inside, a friendly atmosphere, nice and trendy, something to drink with top-quality food.

The price of houses and mainly apartments are a little less expensive than in the city of Brussels.  But beware, prices are increasing !

 By Bernard De Plaen 

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