1040 Etterbeek

https://www.etterbeek.be (FR/NL)

Inhabitants: 47.786 (2018)
Surface: 3,15 km2
Mayor: Vincent De Wolf

The municipality of Etterbeek is located very close to a large number of European institutions.

It is an extremely dynamic municipality and that is why many Europeans choose to live there.

There is a large network of public transport: three metro stations, two train stations, many tram and bus lines.

Many cultural centres (3), theatres (6), small museums (3) and art galleries (4) are situated there.

Etterbeek is located right near the Musées Royaux du Cinquantenaire (Arts et Histoire, Autoworld, Arméé…).

On the esplanade with the same name, many hundreds of events are organised each year (the starting point of the 20 km of Brussels…).  Its surroundings and the beginning of Avenue de Tervuren are a typical Brussels’ promenade/walk* littered with pleasant cafes.

The Rue des Tongres has high-class shops.

The quarter of La Chase houses a variety of shops. The municipality is chequered by different supermarkets.

The Place Jourdan, another ultra dynamic centre of the municipality, has a market every Sunday.

To buy a house in Etterbeek is certainly more expensive than in the city of Brussels. However, the price of apartments is comparable to the centre. Renting in this municipality is among the most expensive in all Brussels’ region.

 By Bernard De Plaen 



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