1050 Ixelles


Inhabitants: 86.513 (2018)
Surface: 6,34 km2
Mayor: Christos Doulkeridis

In the south-east of the city of Brussels, Ixelles has many faces.  To the north, it reflects the diversity of the European quarter (called the Leopold quarter), "Porte de Namur-Toison d'or" (big brands and luxury shops)' Matonge (Congolese village in the city), Saint-Boniface (very "with-it" place) and Flagey (multiethnic corner).  In the centre , you'll find les etangs d'Ixelles. L'Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)(Free University of Brussels) and the cemetery of Ixelles, to the south-east are the centres of the quarter where student life and restaurants are well-placed.  Finally, on the other side of Avenue Louise, the quarter of Bailly-Chatelain offers a number of small brands for bohemian and bourgeois customers. 

From the museums of Ixelles, Wiertz or Constantin Meunier to the theaters of "Varia"and "Marni" passing by the "not to be missed" Flagey, the municipality overflowing/bursting* with cultural possibilities.

The tram and bus lines criss-cross this municipality rich in color where one passes quickly to the residential chic places for the most part,  to the places where one can have a party in the multicultural spirit.

To take a walk around the Abbaye de la Cambre, the length of the Etangs d'Ixelles, the days of the "bio" market very near Place Flagey (Saturday and Sunday mornings) perhaps an exceptional/magic* moment.

Real estate in Ixelles is very expensive as much for apartments as for houses. To rent an apartment is not cheap.

 By Bernard De Plaen 


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