1070 Anderlecht

www.anderlecht.be (FR/NL)

Inhabitants: 118.382 (2018)
Surface: 17,7 km2
Mayor: Fabrice Cumps  

Anderlecht is the third biggest municipality in the Brussels' region.  Anderlecht has an historic, industrial and agricultural  past .  It consists of the Erasme house, the convent, the Cureghem quarter, the Pajottenland..

The cultural choices are diverse, 11 museums (of which Erasme house, those of gueuze (beer), open air...) and various dynamic associations.

Two very interesting markets which take place each week: the Midi market (at the intersection with the municipality of Saint-Gilles), sunday morning and the market of the Abattoirs of Anderlecht from Friday to Sunday morning.  The annual market, during the month of September, takes place on la Place de la Vaillance.

Don't forget that the Abattoirs (and the famous caves called "de Cureghem")are among the most modern in Europe and visits and events are organised there (Boeremet apero...)

For your shopping, la rue Wayez, usually full of life, sees its place contested/has competition*from the Westland Shopping Center.

The real estate market is among the most reasonable in the Capital.  These relatively moderate prices are justified by the very popular character of the municipality linked to its industrial past.

 By Bernard De Plaen





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