1081 Koekelberg


Inhabitants: 21.774 (2018)
Surface: 1,2 km2
Mayor: Ahmed Laaouej

Koekelberg is one of the smallest municipalities of the Brussels’ region and one of the most densely populated in all of Belgium.

The network of public transport is extensive compared to the small size of the municipality: three metro stations, three bus lines and a train station.

Next to the cultural centre (Maison Stepman) and Cadol space (cultural activities), the municipality has two very popular museums : l’Aquarium de Bruxelles and the Belgian Chocolate Village.

The muncipality has several shops located between Place Simonis and Chaussée de Jette.

The price of real estate varies accordingly when we speak about houses or apartments. The first is valued at an already substantial price while the second is quite cheap. Renting an apartment is really reasonable.

By Bernard De Plaen  




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