1082 Berchem-Sainte-Agathe


Inhabitants: 24.830 (2018)
Surface: 2,95 km²
Mayor: Joël Riguelle

The municipality lies in a friendly setting.  It retains some rural corners and is littered with many green spaces : amongst them being le Zavelenberg to the north, le Kattebroeck to the west, le bois du Wilder to the south (all three are connected by a green promenade offered by Bruxelles-environment).

A muncipality which conjugates bilingualism in all of its cultural activities as well as its sporting installations. Public transport is available with trains (Gare au Nord-Ouest), two tram lines and as many buses.

One admires the dynamism of the French cultural centre « Le Fourquet » and the Flemish cultural centre « de Kroon ».

The Chaussée de Gand and the commercial centre « Basilix » in the north enables you to fulfill all your shopping needs !

The real estate heritage of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe is very varied, consisting of villas in the “English cottage” style, farms and social housing of la Cité Moderne (1922). The real estate market of the municipality is considerably the same as Koekelberg, with apartments notably more expensive.  Rents are reasonable there.

 By Bernard De Plaen 


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