1083 Ganshoren


Inhabitants: 24.865 (2018)
Surface: 2,5 km2
Mayor: Pierre Company 

Located to the north-east of the Basilique de Koekelberg, Ganshoren is a residential municipality marked by its rural past.  Apart from the avenue Charles Quint, it is rather quiet, largely made up of tree-lined avenues, with the Château de Rivieren in the centre, with green landscape, actually a place for private events.

Two cultural centres, located next to each other : « La Villa » for the French-speaking population and « de Zip » for the Flemish-speaking population.

A walk in the swamp of Ganshoren (more than 11 hectars) situated in the north of the municipality (between two train lines), enables you to discover a natural reserve, attracting a large variety of birds and small mammals.

The houses in Ganshoren are proportionally much more expensive than apartments. There is a way of renting an apartment in this municipality for a very reasonable price. The real estate market in Ganshoren is essentially similar to that of Koekelberg.

 By Bernard De Plaen



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