1160 Auderghem


Inhabitants: 33.740 (2018)
Surface: 9,0296 km2
Mayor: Didier Gosuin

Nearly a third of Auderghem is covered by green spaces. It is very airy, with a motorway going towards Namur crossing from the west to the east and from north to south via le Boulevard du Souverain, public highway. From a residential perspective, the municipality offers a good quality of life.

The municipality of Auderghem has a dynamic cultural centre. The experimental botanic garden Jean Massart offers its vegetal richness to scientists as well as to the public.  Nearby, le Prieuré (the Priory) du Rouge-Cloître offers many artistic activities for big and small.  Next to it, la forêt de Soignes is an exceptional walking destination.

Five metro stations on line 5…One tram line and many bus lines form part of public transport. Moreover, the highway going to Namur enables you to quickly reach the Ring.

La Chaussée de Wavre is bordered by several shops. The hypermarket near the Hermann-Debroux station as well as other neighbouring shops complete the picture. The UOPC offers a catalogue of very varied books, in all fields.

To buy a house, an apartment or a villa in Auderghem is considerably more expensive than in the city of Brussels. Renting an apartment is extremely expensive.

 By Bernard De Plaen (2016)


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