1170 Watermael-Boitsfort


Inhabitants: 25.012 (2018)
Surface:  12,9 km2
Mayor: Olivier Deleuze

The municipality of Watermael-Boitsfort was and still is a place of residence particularly appreciated by well-to-do Brussels’ people who came there to build, inter alia, villas-castles. More modest houses and most of the offices, always very near to nature (Japanese cherry trees adorn the many avenues  in rose), which are  adjoining, make up a diversified mix in a quiet environment.

The green spaces, the parks (la Héronnière in Watermael or Tournay-Solvay in Boitsfort…) or forests, offer a haven of relaxing peace.  The “promenade verte” (green promenade) a long route around Brussels, borders the south of the municipality on the side of Boitsfort.

Apart from its library-game/toy and its artistic academy (the municipality has a cultural centre, la “vénerie” offers highly diverse entertainment/shows*).

La place Keym, a real village square, is made up of a small commercial centre on a human scale in the heart of Watermael.   The centre of Boitsfort (place Wiener) has good cafes and restaurants. Big brands are available in Auderghem, the neighbouring municipality.

Among the residential municipalities in the east of Brussels, Watermael-Boitsfort has real estate/property* relatively more affordable as much for the purchase of houses, villas as for apartments. The renting of an apartment is equal to the same municipalities in the east of Brussels.

 By Bernard De Plaen 



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