1190 Forest


Inhabitants: 56.008 (2018)
Surface: 6,24 km2
Mayor: Stéphane Roberti

There is a large difference in levels in Forest between the west, very low, and the east, peaking at l’Altitude 100 (100m), one of the highest points in the Brussels’ region.  Between the two, the Forest and Duden parks mark a division.  The landscape in the west (with forests) is dominated by the presence of industrial zones where the Audi Brussels plant is located (nearly 50 hectares).  A prosperous population is attracted to the east, however, as well as to the outskirts of the Duden park, on the hills of the municipality,.

Forest, therefore, offers a varied territory made up of many green spaces. Apart from the two train stations, Forest is well-connected with buses and trams.

Le Wiels (www.wiels.org) is the centre of ultra dynamic contemporary art located in the buildings of the old Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery.  It is next to Forest’s cultural centre, le BRASS.  “Forest-national” with its 8 000 places is the third biggest concert hall in Brussels.

La Chausséé d’Alsemberg brings together the biggest number of shops.

The buildings of l’abbaye de Forest and its gardens will be renovated between 2018 and 2021.  Before the works start, we would suggest a small stroll in the park.

With regard to the property market, the price of villas in Forest are more reasonable than those of Uccle or Woluwé-Saint-Pierre.  Houses (for sale) and apartments (for sale or rent) are considerably more expensive than the municipalities in the north-west of Brussels, without reaching the prices of the municipalities in the south and East of the region.

 By Bernard De Plaen 

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