1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert



56.303 (2018)


7,2 km2


Olivier Maingain


Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is a predominantly residential municipality.  Its population is varied and is rather prosperous: the bourgeois quarters (Saint-Henri, Linthout, Square Vergote, Avenue de Broqueville…) and more popular (the district of Constellations).  The municipality is home to the university hospital of St. Luc, Louvain-en-Woluwé (UCL).

Six metro stations, several bus lines make this municipality a major thoroughfare.

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is one of the most pleasant residential municipalities of the Capital.  The highway of Louvain-Liège allows for quick access to the Ring and out of the city.

Wolubilis is the cultural hub of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.  Inaugurated in 2006, it incorporates in one place, a theatre, buildings welcomes various cultural associations as well as businesses (cafés, restaurants, bookshop..) Nearby, a commercial centre with the most famous brands : the Woluwé Shopping Center. Avenue Georges Henri has a varied selection of shops.

Walking along the green route enables people to get away from the city, along the former site of the “Bruxelles-Tervueren” train line, crossing the Parc Malou (Avenue du Stade) and along la Woluwe (discover the Lindekemaele, have a meal in Le Slot restaurant, the ruins of  the XVIème century castle..).

House prices are amongst the highest in the Brussels’ region. To buy an apartment there is proportionally more affordable.  On the other hand, the rents on the average are more expensive.

By Bernard De Plaen 

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