1210 Saint-Josse -Ten-Noode


Inhabitants: 27.032 (2018)
Surface: 1,14 km2
Mayor: Emir Kir

To the extreme north-east of the city of Brussels, Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode is the smallest municipality in the Brussels region and the most densely populated. There is an amazing diversity in its population, both from a cultural (different foreign origins) as well as a social point of view.

If Saint-Josse-ten-Noode is known to be the poorest municipality in Belgium, it nevertheless offers an exceptional range of cultural activities.

Two excellent theatres (théâtre Le Public, Théâtre de la Vie), two places dedicated to jazz (Le Jazzstation, and Sazz’N Jazz) ; the Botanique cultural centre, the Charlier museum are only a part of the cultural range of this little municipality.

On la Chaussée de Louvain, between Madou and la Place Saint-Josse, you will find different shops to suit all styles.  La rue de Brabant has many exotic shops.

From one park to another : from the Botanique gardens to that, much smaller, of Square Armand Steurs.  In the first park, next to the Botanique cultural centre, you’ll find sculptures of Constantin Meunier (L’Eté  or Le Moissonneur or L’Automne or le Semeur),while in the second, at the end of the prestigious Paul Deschanel avenue, you’ll find, amongst others, La Source, a sculpture of Jullien Dillens.

The real estate market of Saint-Josse is particularly inexpensive (buying, renting..)

 By Bernard De Plaen


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