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Getting acquainted with Brussels

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The best solutions for getting acquainted with Brussels

Brussels card
It offers you during 24 h (24 €), 48 h (34 €) or 72 h (40 €) free entry to over 30 museums, free use of public transport, and exclusive offers for designers boutiques, shops, exhibitions, restaurants and attractions. You can purchase the card in all FNAC stores, tourist offices and some museums. (FR/NL/EN)

The must of brussels
For 19 €, you have a booklet consisting of 10 vouchers, discover the most popular attractions and museums of Brussels. You can find them at Toerisme Vlaanderen or Visit Brussels. (FR/NL/EN)

There are also a number of organisations offering theme tours to help you to explore the city from its most original aspects. Sometimes they are extremely erudite, always very characteristic and in each case very lively. It would be surprising if you didn’t find something “extra” to make your new city even more enjoyable! (NL) (EN) (EN) (EN)

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