Brussels, 19 municipalities

The Greeters have accepted to meet the challenge of introducing their muncipality to the readers of this Guide. Each municipality is consequently presented through the eye of the Greeter, each with a different personality. We thank them very much indeed. Do not hesitate to call on them, it’s the best way to discover your future neighbourhood with someone who lives there and who loves it ! It’s important. Several are introduced by Victoire, a journalist, who loves Brussels

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The municipalities are listed by area code.

Municipalities around Brussels

In Bruxelles, you learn that during the week, life begins early, and that the smell of coffee mixes with that of the early-morning cosmopolitan crowd..

In Bruxelles, you’ll understand that Sunday is sacred, that one walks around half-awake, that quiet is king in the streets but there is always entertainment and activities.

In Bruxelles, you’ll meet a good number of Belgians with a large smile on their faces and quite accustomed to self-mockery.

In Bruxelles, you’ll discover architecture that resembles no other, you’ll walk with your eyes constantly wide open.

Because Bruxelles is also one of the greenest cities in Europe, you’ll always breathe in fresh air. In Bruxelles, you’ll be nourished on a daily dose of culture at your fingertips.

In Bruxelles, you’ll discover areas with different atmospheres, from traditional to avant-garde, with local flavours or mixed. Because in Bruxelles everything is connected and nearby, you’ll pass from one to the other without difficulty.

When you arrive in the Capital as an expat, you will soon become adopted, and adopt, above all, beautiful Bruxelles. Her charm will not take long to operate, you’ll very soon feel at home here.


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