1060 Saint-Gilles


Inhabitants: 50.002 (2018)
Surface: 2,51 km2
Mayor: Charles Picqué  

Saint-Gilles is a very popular cosmopolitan municipality where beautiful bourgeoise houses in the eclectic style or Art Nouveau still exist.

The Gare du Midi is a popular area and well-known for its big market with oriental aromas, but it is changing to become a business district.

The Gare du Midi which hosts the Eurostar and Thalys, the metro stations, trams and bus stops makes Saint-Gilles a municipality well served by public transport.

There are chic shops on the Chaussee de Charleroi close to the famous Avenue Louise.  There are small businesses/shops* along the very long Chaussee d'Alsemberg and lower down, the Barriere de Saint Gilles nearby is not to be outdone. The 6 daily open air markets of Parvis de St Gilles are not to be missed.

The places not to be missed, often off the beaten path:  the Horta museum (located  in the house of the famous Art Nouveau architect ), the cultural center of Jacques Franck, the bookstore, Pelgrims, the Parc Paulus, and also on the side of local color, the chip shop of the Barrier of St-Gilles or a Sunday brunch at La Tricoterie (cited in this Guide).

The real estate market of St-Gilles offers houses at prices comparable to those of the city of Brussels, and the apartments, the same price as those in Forest.  You'll find the cost of renting an apartment quite expensive.

 By Bernard De Plaen 


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