Equivalence ratings of degree qualification

You will be asked for an equivalent if:


For more details regarding the equivalence service

Go to the service’s internet at the following address:

Direction générale de l’enseignement obligatoire Service des équivalences

Rue A. Lavallée, 1 1080 Bruxelles
T 02 690 86 86 equi.oblig@cfwb.be

This site is very compact and gives you the exact steps to follow. Unfortunately, it’s only in French.


The Socrates-Erasmus programme is designed for University and Ecole Supérieure students who have completed a full year of studies. Scholarships are available so that the students can follow classes in a partner organisation. 30 countries participate in this programme.

Two interesting sites give you the different possibilities: www.aef-europe.be (FR)

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