Schools using new educational methods

There is a wide choice of schools using specific methodology or philosophy. They often offer a multilingual education.

Our children are not always formed for traditional education. In Brussels, different schools offer education with a particular pedagogical approach. Due to the choice of the parents or because the child requires the appropriate education, here is our list

Schools using their own methods

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Montessori method

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The principle in the toddler communities and pre-schools: Offer children the opportunity to develop in harmony with their own rhythm and pace, developing self discipline, becoming independent and gaining respect for themselves, others and the world at large.The principle in the Primary and Middle School: Offering a vast international curriculum, within a structured classroom allowing personal input, choice and decision-making. Focus on the development of ownership, joy in learning and self esteem in a supported and stress-free environment.

Freinet method

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Freinet was a French educationalist who lived in the beginning of the 20th century. In the teaching of Freinet, knowledge and learning must come from real life and the everyday life of the child in order to have meaning and to be understood and retained by him.

Decroly method

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(Belgian doctor and psychologist). The principle: the interest of the child is essential and is the starting point in gaining knowledge.

Steiner method

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(Austrian philosopher). The principle : to take into consideration the child as a being who thinks, acts and feels. Great importance is attached to the child’s artistic creativity and his biological rhythms.

Jewish schools

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