Domestic help


Looking for help

Word of mouth between neighbours, friends and compatriots is often the system that works the best, and any references can be checked immediately.

Placing an advertisement in the newspaper

Situations wanted: read these advertisements regularly. Situations vacant: you should stipulate very precisely what you require, otherwise you are liable to be inundated with replies from people who are totally unsuitable.


All people with resident status in Belgium or simply paying a residency tax in Belgium may also subscribe as “titres-services” users.Help yourself to better reconcile your professional life with your private life by obtaining help nearby : domestic help, garden maintenance, shopping and home delivery, home cooking, transport at interesting prices.

- Advantages for the employer: legal framework, no contract, hourly fixed cost of 9,00 Ä for the first 400 service vouchers obtained in a year. It increases to 10€  for each extra service voucher, tax deductible.. (- € 1.35 /voucher for the first 155 vouchers purchased)

- Advantage for the employee: legal status, identical salary, social advantages linked to a declared status (social security, pension, holidays…)

The « titre-service » is an advantageous way and the most flexible for all types of daily housework.

The number of service vouchers is limited to 1000 a year per household .

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