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To enquire about the weather 
before you leave:
T 0900 27 003 

Information: Domestic help


T 02 547 54 95 or 02 401 31 60


T 02 547 54 93 

Also via the website

Where to find an authorised Titres-Services company in my area ? 

Information: Waste disposal and recycling

White bags are picked up at each collection, this is not the case with coloured bags which are collected once per week.

Les Petits Riens and Oxfam have often a container nearby the “glass bubbles” everywhere in the city.

Information: BPost

To enquire about a postal code
In Belgium (FR)
In Europe

Information: Car

Did you know that below 7° Celsius a normal tyre gets hard and looses its effectiveness ! It is therefore necessary to change them in winter for obvious reasons of security!

Commonly called BOB, he’s the one who decides to stay sober during the evening to be able to drive you home.

A multitude of services : insurance, breakdown, road maps, international driving licence, motorway stickers, etc

Royal Automobile Club de Belgique (R.A.C.B.) Rue d’Arlon, 53 – 1040 Bruxelles
T 02 287 09 11- F 02 230 75 84 (FR/NL)

DIV City Atrium
Rue du Progrès 60 
1210 Bruxelles 
Tel. : 02 277 30 50

4 years after the date of entry into circulation each year you will receive a notification to pass the “contrôle technique”

Assistance and accident cover. If you have an accident, the most usual approach is the ‘constat à l’amiable’ or jointly agreed statement for insurance purposes: you simply fill in the accident report form provided by your insurers on the spot . You should always have a blank copy of this document in your car. If you and the other driver cannot reach an agreement, call the police switchboard on 101. From a mobile : 112.

Road signs in Belgium are written in two languages, French and Dutch, and the place names are often very different from one language to the other, for instance:

Anvers • Mons • Namur • Rhode-Saint-Genèse • Notre-Dame-au-Bois • Braine-le-Château 
Braine-le-Comte • Braine-l’Alleud • Paris • Tournai • Lille

Antwerpen • Bergen • Namen • Sint-Genesius-Rode • Jesus-Eik • Kasteelbrakel • ‘s Gravenbrakel Eigenbrakel • Parijs • Doornik • Rijsel

Information: Cycles, Mopeds, Motorbikes

You notice a damaged road, a hole, a subsidence, a faded marking ? Report it to

Now you can travel around with an interactive Villo! station map in your pocket, thanks to the Smartphone Application AllBikesNow.

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