A Belgian mouth mask made from recycled plastic Designed by a Brussels designer

Posted on 09.12.2020

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Blabel is a brand that was just recently founded by Justin Lalieux, a Brussels industrial designer who was tired of designing only disposable items. Blabel’s first product is a mouth mask produced locally on the basis of recycled and recyclable materials.

The MSQ01 mask is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The 5 included filters can be washed and reused up to 125 times.  The design adapts to the shape of the face. Your glasses do not fog up and make-up is not smeared.  


The mouth mask is almost 100% Belgian. The injection mold of the mask was made in Liège, the filters were woven in Ghent. The plastic comes from selected waste from Brussels shopping centers.
Bel Albatros, the last Brussels plastic foundry, takes care of casting the mask. The filters are cut in a custom-made Brussels company where the masks are also assembled and packaged. The packaging, a cardboard box, comes from Kortrijk.
Only the elastic comes from France, 2 kilometers across the border.

Surgical masks made of paper?
Many people think that the commonly used surgical masks are made of paper. They are made from the same plastic as the shock absorbers on cars. And they are usually not made locally. Blabel wanted to respond to this.
Justin Lalieux: “During the first lockdown masks came onto the market that presented themselves as sustainable because they could be reused. But they were made with new plastic, for example. However, we wanted to go a step further. The plastic we use comes from local shopping centers and is easily recyclable because we only use one type of plastic, which is often not the case.”
All facts at a glance
- Local: Plastic from packaging material from Brussels shopping centers, currently Woluwe Shopping and City 2
- Recycled and 100% recyclable, using 1 type of plastic
- Efficient: filtration of 88%, more than most surgical mouth masks, filters certified by Centexbel (Ghent)
- Economic: price 20€ (5 filters included), can be used 625 times, so 10 times cheaper per use compared to disposable masks
About Blabel and Justin Lalieux
Blabel is a Brussels brand, founded in June 2020 by Justin Lalieux. Blabel wants to market sustainable, local products made from recycled plastic.
Justin Lalieux is a designer and coach at MAD Brussels. He was a teacher industrial design at La Cambre for a long time. He is a member of the Urban Art Committee of the City of Brussels and will soon publish a comic at Uitgeverij Dupuis.

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