Do you want to get involved against food wastage ? Download the application “toogoodtogo”

Posted on 23.11.2020

Waste disposal and recycling

Today, we realise that food waste represents a human, moral, ecological and economic scandal.

Consumers (in developed countries) throw away around 347 kg of food per year !

This is worth considering.

The initiative is interesting :

Merchants hotels, restaurants, sell non-consumed products at a much reduced price. Those “before” directly end up in the garbage ! 

Thanks to this appli, you can find a shopkeeper near you who will participate in this action, you order and you go to pick up your basket.


Thus make a gesture for the planet.
TOOGOODTOGO is available on Apple and Android.


The Happyhours site will also make people happy.
A digital platform which collects supermarkets in Brussels’ unsold food and resells it to people at half price, between 20 and 22 hours, with vans  as the sales outlet. 

The apps "To Much", "Frigo Magic" and "Foodwin" also give solutions to fight against food waste.


Photo "LE VIF"