Green Brussels, useful websites

Posted on 18.02.2021

Best websites and welcome addresses

Doing sports, walking in the many Brussels parks, buying local, making use of shared mobility ... there are so many opportunities to adapt our behavior for a better environment.

Evolution du climat à Bruxelles
All you need to know about efforts, projects, and statistics regarding the evolution of climate in Brussels.

Guide of the environmental infractions
This Guide gives you answers to a variety of questions in order to help you to better know and respect legislation.

Good Food Strategy
To pay attention to the season and to the vegetables’ local area, and also to reduce food waste, here is a wealth of ideas to learn how to cultivate in the city, better eat and throw away less.

The site of the Walloon Air and Climate Agency (AWAC) also updates us on the quality of air and climate changes. This site enables us to calculate our daily impact.

Air Quality
Would you like to know the quality of the air in Brussels today ?

Farm to Fork
The European Green Deal sets out how to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. It maps a new, sustainable and inclusive growth strategy to boost the economy, improve people's health and quality of life, care for nature, and leave no one behind.
The Farm to Fork Strategy is at the heart of the Green Deal.

Together for biodiversity
Scientists estimate that there are up to 10 million different species on Earth.
Our small country probably has about 55,000 of them. On this biodiversity depends our survival and well-being. To save them, many NGOs are pushing us to change our behavior. On this site, you will find concrete actions adapted to your situation that will really make a difference.