It’s not just multinationals that produce soft drinks. Let’s think outside the box to discover new flavors where we wouldn’t expect them.

Posted on 17.09.2020

Organic products

Discover a platform that highlights refreshing non-alcoholic and local drinks

Consuming locally is trendy. Belgian alcoholic drinks are well known: beers, wines and even gin or whiskey.

But Belgium also produces refreshing non-alcoholic drinks which are still little known to consumers.

This is why three Belgian brands in the sector have joined their forces to create a platform that will serve as a point of contact for those looking for quality Belgian sodas.

At the origin of the initiative we found,

-       Ferm, which offers kombucha traditionally brewed in Bruges (the difference with lemonades is that Ferm has fermented the sugars and the drink is made from organic tea),

-       Simone a soif !, founded in 2016, offers six organic fruity waters.

-       Richie, a sparkling lemonade based on a family recipe made with only natural ingredients.

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