BEANLIFE, Vegetable proteins 100% from Brussels BEANLIFE, nominated for the Vegan Awards after less than 6 months since the launching.

Posted on 04.01.2021

Organic products

Beanlife has set itself the ambitious mission of finding an ecological and healthy alternative to animal protein. 
They do this by producing and selling tempeh, a food made from fermented soybeans using a traditional Indonesian method. Tempeh served with salads, burgers, stews or noodle dishes is really is delicious.

Their mission is to make tempeh the everyday good protein food in Belgium.

Tempeh is a plant protein whole food, ideal for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, meat fans and all the foodies and the curious.

Beanlife is launching its first product, the soybean tempeh, a signature tempeh worldwide.

A second product is in development - a circular tempeh made from soybeans and revalued hazelnut fibres. 

To achieve their mission, they are committed to:

  • Excellence: provide high quality products based on a delicious taste and texture. As a ‘live’ food with live microorganisms, tempeh is a unique product that mixes science and crafts to offer possibilities for very different palettes. 

  • Produce sustainably for a circular economy: source the beans through local suppliers (Belgium or nearby) and organic cultivation methods; incorporate underused food streams in an original product and reduce waste; preserve the tempeh fresh and not process it more than absolutely needed, to avoid change in the original artisanal taste. 

  • Innovate together with our community: build partnerships with culinary partners, exchange ideas and feedback, and try new things.
    Our future plans are to launch new products based on a variety of beans, toppings and flavours. We experiment a lot with black beans, peas, chickpeas, with cereals, seeds, and herbs mixes. We have worked in innovation for as long as we’ve known ourselves, so we are aware that the possibilities are endless: more products, less packaging, less waste, more allies to shape the future.


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