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Sometimes with, and sometimes without parents, the following section offers a list of carefully selected addresses proposing popular, atypical, athletic or didactic activities for children from 1 to 12 years of age.


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Scouting is very popular in Belgium. The Scouts and Guide movement consists of about 160,000 members. Activities are organised within federations grouped by languages (French-Flemish) and confession (catholic-non-denominational). Scouts and Guides are members of numbered “units”, attached to a federation. Each unit carries out its activities within a muncipality, a parish or specific area. They usually wear uniforms, and their unit is recognisable, because of the colours of the scarf. For example, the 11th Unity Sainte-Suzanne is attached to the Sainte-Suzanne church in Schaerbeek. The scarf worn by its members is orange and grey.

The main federations are:

Because of the many international institutions in Belgium there are some English-speaking Scout organisations active in the country:

Brussels British Scouts 

Boyscouts of America 

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